About the Artist: Jolanta Surma

Jolanta Surma, from Złotów in Poland, is a macrame artist and expert in the field of artistic weaving. She has got almost 40 years of experience in the field of her artistic work. 

She mainly works with macramé technique and textile art. Inspirations for her work come from nature: from plants, flowers, animals and landscapes. Her works amaze with the originality and precision of knots. They are like paintings made with strings, full of expression of color, shapes and forms.

The works embellish and enrich the aesthetic experience of the places where they are located. Jolanta has won many awards and distinctions in national and international art and craft competitions. Macrame artworks were exhibited all over Poland, as well as in London, Berlin and Sofia (Bulgaria) and Salt (Spain). They decorate the walls of homes in Poland, Germany, France, Greece, USA, Australia and many other countries. They also played a role in the well-known movie “Dark Shadows” with John Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer – Jolanta created over 20 macrame props for their scenes. In 2014, Jolanta published the book ‘How to make macrame flowers?’ in Polish and English.

Jolanta graduated from the University of Advertising in Piła, University of Folk Craft in Wola Sekowa, and holds Masters degree in Pedagogy from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian University in Bydgoszcz. Jolanta is a member of the Polish Association of Artists (ZPARP), as well as the founder and President of the Club of Artists ‘Passion’ in her hometown of Złotów.

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